The Interrupted Photo Pose

The Close Up

Hubby and I were taking nudes of each other at the lake one day and he was trying to set up a shot of me reclining back on this picnic table close to the water but the sun was all wrong so they aren’t as nice we would have liked. We tried a couple of takes but not what we wanted, however in the middle of the process a fisherman came walking out of the woods fishing gear in hand right beside us and behind my hubby. It startled me !! I said oh I need a towel and hubby calmly replied no its OK, he means no harm, he’s just curious. Just look away like he’s not there. I was still in the original pose, (attached) and hubby says. “Raise your right leg and place your foot on the bench/seat and spread your legs slightly and keep looking to the right as if you are unaware of his presence”. So I did as he said and he took a few shoots, the results are attached. It was at that moment I realized what he (my husband) had done. He had posed me perfectly so the fisherman could see my pussy but with me acting unaware, it allowed the fisherman to simply stare for a moment right between my legs. As I broke the pose the fisherman went on his way without a word. In truth the experience made me feel vulnerable and humiliated but my clit was tingling and my vagina was wet just like it is right now as I write this and share it. I hope you enjoy!!
Ms. K

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8 thoughts on “The Interrupted Photo Pose

  1. Mrs K! That is EXACTLY what Rex would have done! We were disturbed or interrupted swimming at a beach one day and had to come out of the water nude! OMG! It was intially embarrassing, but only for me. The 2 couples didn’t seem to bother at all! The photos are beautiful! And I relate to the sense of naughtiness and excitment! Love the waist jewellery! I think the droplet should fall a little lower to be really sexy!! lol

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    1. Your point about where the droplet should fall is well taken and I had realized that as it draws attention to the area which is the point……….. lol !! We have other pic where I switched to a different waist chain and I was able to accomplish the effect. We may have to add those pics and the story behind them in another posting. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Super photos.

    Great timing for the fisherman to walk by. Wonder how the rest of his day went and what seems said about his fishing trip.

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    1. It was great and lucky timing on his part. He came out of the woods and crossed the open area we were in and went into the wooded area about a 1/4 mile away. We suspect he had a favorite fishing spot he was going to. The way he was equiped he was no amatuer. We did not see him again but he now has a fishing story that’s hard to top. LOL…… Ms. K

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  3. I love this story. I wish I were the fisherman!


    1. It’s amazing how the most unplanned moments become some of the most memorable. If the fisherman was aroused we have no way of knowing as he was the perfect gentleman. Accepted his gift and went on his way. To this day thinking about the moment and seeing the photos again still arouses us both. As a wife it’s not everyday that you show your pussy to another man while your husband is watching so to speak and as a husband it’s not everyday you are somewhat in control of exposing your wifes pussy to a stranger. Ms. K

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      1. It’s sort of like “visual cuckolding”. lol. Exciting but totally safe! I just discovered you two. I look forward to reading more about your life and of course, seeing the pics! lol

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  4. We don’t do a lot of writing and showing of our pics, we like for it to be meaningful to others when we do.


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